Yelpie - Portable Safe
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Yelpie Support and F.A.Q.

To download the Yelpie instruction manual in PDF format, please click here.
For all other technical support regarding the operation of your 'Yelpie' please email us:

Q. Is Yelpie weather proof? A. Yes, Yelpie will survive rain but is not designed to be completely immersed in water.

Q. How long will the batteries last? A. Yelpie is designed to offer up to 12 months battery life if armed. We recommend batteries be replaced every 12 months depending on the number of locking operations and how many times the alarm has been activated. If not armed, battery life is in excess of 7 years.

Q. How long will the alarm sound before the batteries go flat? A. The alarm should sound for approximately 20 minutes, if it is continually tampered with, before the batteries go flat. This will depend on how old the batteries are.

Q. How long will the Yelpie alarm sound if moved and then dropped. A. The alarm will sound for 30 secs and stop if no further movement detected, but will continue to sound until movement is no longer detected.

Q. Will I be locked out of the Yelpie if the batteries go flat? A. No, Yelpie will unlock itself when voltage sensing detects low volts.

Q. Can someone take the batteries out to stop the alarm from sounding? A. No, the battery compartment is only accessible from the underside of the lid.

Q. Will the alarm go off if I bump Yelpie? A. No, the alarm sequence will only initiate if the movement sensor detects a number of movements in a certain time frame.

Q. How much gear can I put in a Yelpie? A. Yelpie will fit approximately 2 wallets, an MP3 player, a digital camera, 2 mobile phones, sunglasses and 2 sets of keys.

Q. Can the Yelpie be broken into easily? A. No, but she will not survive an attack with a sledgehammer or axe. We expect someone wielding either would be very noticeable.

Q. Can I attach Yelpie to my bags? A. Yes, Yelpie has been designed so that the shoulder straps can be removed, passed through handles, straps, etc., reattached and tightened. This increases security for these items as well.
Q. How loud is the alarm? A. The alarm is approximately 90 decibels in loudness which is enough to be heard from quite a distance away.
Q. When I buy the Yelpie how do I know what the PIN number is? A. The factory set PIN number is 1111, it is very important that you change the PIN number as soon as possible. Refer to instructions on the underside of lid or download the manual from this website.
Q. What happens if I put a new PIN number in, but forget it the next time I use it? A. The Yelpie will remember the previous PIN number that was loaded in (factory setting for the first PIN change), but after the Yelpie has been locked and unlocked two times the previous PIN number will be deleted.
Q. How easy is it to change the PIN number? A. Changing the PIN code is a very simple operation, just follow the operations manual.
Q. How often can I change the PIN code? A. As many times as you wish.
Q. How do I find out about any new products coming out? A. Simply join our mailing list here and we will notify you when our new products are available. Your details and email address will never be passed on.